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Air & Hydraulically Product Pump Systems

Lube Star series fuel/lube trucks and lube trucks are designed to offer standard and customized turn-key solutions to our customers. We can provide your service operators with fuel/lube and lube only bodies designed and configured to meet your firm's specific requirements. Lube trucks are available with air operated product pump systems or hydraulic product pump systems.  
Air product pump systems provide users a consistant product deilvery option. Air product systems offer an affordable price option to the higher cost hydraulically driven product pumps.  Air product pumps are driven by the onboard lube trucks air compressor system.
Hydraulic product pump systems provide consistant product flow and are the pumps of choice to deliver low viscosity materials and higher delivery rates versus air driven product pumps. The hydraulic product pumps are operated by the PTO driven gear pump and include a complete hydraulic system with a thermostatically controlled hydraulic oil cooler.
In order to meet the differing needs of our customers, we have designed base model fuel/lube platforms that allow for a variety of different tank sizes, materials and tank layouts, optional grease systems, fuel tanks and air compressor systems to meet your needs. 

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