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Lube Trailer Fuel & Grease Systems


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Standard & Custom Designed Fuel / Lube /Grease Trailers

Lube Pro series lube trailers and combination fuel/lube trailers are offered in both standard and custom designed configurations. Standard lube trailers are designed using a 7,000 LB GVWR rated tandem axle trailer and feature a LP-4-65 lube skid system operated by a 25 horse power engine driven air compressor, an enclosed reel compartment with three product reels, one evacuation hose reel and one air hose reel. 
Custom designed fuel/lube trailers are configured and engineered to meet each customer’s specific needs. Fuel/lube trailers are available with air operated product pump systems, diesel fuel systems, grease systems and water and anti-freeze systems. Air supply options include gas and diesel engine driven air compressors, air accessory systems and an optional "all in one" air compressor/generator/hydraulic pump system for hydraulic operated air compressors and hydraulic product pumps. Trailers can be configured with open mounted components, enclosed hose reels and filter boxes, waste oil filter storage compartments, optional waste oil filter storage systems featuring a drain valve or plumbed into a waste evacuation system for easy waste oil collection and disposal. We will design and build a custom enclosed lube trailer to meet your needs for harsh weather environments. Standard and custom lube trailers are available with Alemite product pumps and grease systems, Graco product pumps and grease systems and Lincoln product pump and grease systems. Lube Pro lube trailers are available with Reelcraft hose reels, Graco hose reels and Hannay hose reels. Please contact the factory to discuss your specific system requirements.
Whatever your service needs, no matter how difficult they are, we can help! 

Our engineering staff will configure a custom engineered Lube Pro fuel/lube trailer system specifically designed to meet your needs today!

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