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Model SS-C7-1414-CB-S Mechanic Truck Body

Service Star SS-C7-1414-CB-S, 11 foot mechanic trucks and field service trucks are the premier heavy-duty mechanic trucks and field service trucks that are specifically designed for use by operators that require a mechanic truck or field service truck that delivers the features and benefits required to excel in the field. SS-C6-1100-CB-S Mechanic truck bodies support both electric/hydraulic cranes and fully hydraulic cranes up to 14,000 lbs and is rated to 72,000 ft lbs. The SS-C7-1414-CB-S mechanic truck and crane body is a field service truck that is designed for Class 7 chassis. (Note: Crane capacity may be limited based on specific model selected as well as the chassis GVWR rating. Please contact the factory to determine the specific model you are interested in as well as crane capacities) 

Service Star bodies can be equipped with a wide array of optional equipment from custom tool box configurations, tool box drawer dividers, bolt bins, additional shelves, shelf dividers, sixty inch tall extended height street side compartment designed to match the curb side oxy/fuel compartment, exterior work lighting systems, emergency lighting systems and compartment lighting systems. Service Star heavy duty mechanic truck bodies support gas engine and diesel engine driven air compressors, hydraulically driven air compressors to 160 CFM output, hydraulic drive welders, hydraulic driven generators and hydraullically operated tool systems with the addition of an optional hydraulic system.

Options also include a 30 inch workbench, 24 inch deep and 36 inch deep welding decks, enclosed welding deck’s, compartment mounted welder installations, slide out welder trays, gas and diesel engine driven welders, gas and diesel engine driven generators, bed mounted/removable fuel/lube skids, auxiallary diesel fuel systems, sliding bed top cover systems, electrically operated aluminum roll top bed covers, tarp systems and complete body and bed enclosures.

Whatever your service needs, no matter how difficult they are, we can help! Let our engineering staff configure a custom engineered Service Star mechanic truck body designed to meet your needs today!

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