Welcome to Service Star Trucks, Inc. ("SST") the premier manufacturer of standard and custom engineered field service truck equipment. SST specializes in designing and manufacturing a complete line of heavy-duty mechanic trucks, service trucks, hydraulic cranes, utility trucks, fuel/lube trucks, lube trucks, enclosed lube trucks, fuel/lube trailers, lube trailers, fue/lube skids and lube skids. SST offers a complete line of optional equipment and accessories to provide the very best field service truck equipment. Contact SST for all of your field service equipment needs today!

Mechanic Truck Service Solutions:

Our complete line of Service Star mechanic trucks and Loadstar hydraulic cranes are designed and built to provide your field service technicians with the finest, longest lasting, heavy duty mechanic trucks to allow them to ecell in the field. Mechanic trucks can be equiped with optional air compressors, welders, generators, hydraulic tool systems, compartment tool boxes, work light systems, emergency lighting, warning light systems, fuel and lubrication skids as well as other optional equipment.

The Service Star and Service Pro series utility trucks are designed to provide heavy duty work trucks for field service technicians that do not require a ful blown mechanics truck equipped with a crane, but do require a heavy duty utility truck that can withstand years of severe duty use, use in rough terrain and off road use. Our enclosed utility trucks offer several different enclosure systems for use in inclement weather conditions.

Fuel & Lubrication Service Solutions:

Lube Star fuel/lubrication trucks, lube trucks, enclosed lube trucks, fuel/lube trailers, lube trailers, fuel lube skids and lube skids are designed and manufactured to provide excellent field lubrication and fueling solutions. Our line of fuel and lubrication trucks allow your technicians the ability to service your equipment in the field on your schedule. Lube Star fuel and lubrication products are used by construction companies, equipment dealers, specialized field service companies, niche service company's and fleet fuel and lubreication operators.

Our line of Lube Pro fuel/lube trailers, lube trailers, fuel/lube skids and lube skids offer the same field and lubrication solutions to companies that don't require a dedicated fuel/lube truck, but do occasionally require field lubrication capabilities.